Holand Automotive Group acquires Ferrari South Bay in California

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Holand Automotive Group acquires Ferrari South Bay in California

Tailor made

Ferrari Tailor Made is the exclusive Ferrari programme for those customers who want to customise each element of their car for a perfect fit, creating an unmistakable, one-of-a-kind vehicle which reflects their personality and tastes. The Tailor Made programme continues the tradition that began in Maranello back in the 1950s and grew over the years that followed. This was the era in which every car was personalised to suit each customer, with an extensive range of fabrics, leathers, woods, colours and finishes to choose from, creating truly unique, "tailor-made" Ferrari masterpieces to meet the requirements of the most passionate and imaginative buyers of that period.
Today, the choice of materials, workmanship and colour shades is unlimited, courtesy of the tireless research conducted by the Ferrari Design team in this area, using the values of the brand - passion, innovation and elegance - as a key point of reference. This expression of creativity and character leads to the creation of truly original Ferrari cars, destined to gain increasing prestige and value over time.

The customer at the heart of the creative process

The Tailor Made programme is directed at a limited number of buyers, each assisted by a team of experts led by a Personal Designer, who is tasked with ensuring that each and every element of the car is unique, whilst upholding the traditions and prestige that epitomise the Ferrari brand. The programme includes a customer visit to the Tailor Made centres in the Maranello facility or the Shanghai branch: at these design studios, buyers can choose and touch the materials that they wish to use, selecting the samples themselves. During this meeting, the designer interprets the desires of the customer, presenting a range of potential configuration suggestions and showing a real-time virtual preview of the car.

The Tailor Made Collections

Three collections are available as a starting point for the Tailor Made Programme, and each is closely connected to Ferrari's DNA: these collections - Scuderia, Classica and Inedita - reflect the sporting soul, the heritage and the innovation of the brand respectively. Ferrari customers can then take inspiration from one or more of these collections, adapting the various elements according to their tastes. Customers are given maximum freedom of choice with regard to the combinations they use, enabling an unprecedented level of exclusivity to be achieved, with a range of new solutions and innovative materials to choose from - the result of continuous experimentation and the influence of new trends from outside the automotive industry.


Races and competitions have been fundamental to the brand every since its inception, and the history of Ferrari is littered with sporting triumphs achieved on tracks all over the world. Accordingly, the Scuderia collection draws heavily on these competitions for inspiration, offering a host of materials and finishes created for racing. The range offered to customers as part of this collection includes the most innovative materials, from carbon fibre to sports fabrics, suede or rubberised leathers to alcantara, microfibre to Kevlar or satin-finish, matte or ultralight metals. The Scuderia collection enables customers to create a Ferrari with a unique style, the embodiment of the latest extremes of sportiness and performance.


The stylistic features and elements of Ferrari's GT cars, which have become synonymous with the house of Maranello, are reinterpreted with a modern feel for the Classica collection, courtesy of the latest materials and production techniques. Pastel colours that evoke the past, vintage, fine leathers rather than wool, cashmere and velvet, the use of special treatments in certain areas of the passenger compartment to echo the exteriors, chrome elements, contrasting stitching for the upholstery - each and every detail is designed to bring a contemporary touch to sophisticated retro elements.


Innovative style which respects the key principles of the brand: the Inedita collection gives a free rein to experimentation, providing the foundations for new trends that could become a reality in the future. Brightly-coloured leathers, fashion textiles, technical fabrics and an abundance of new materials approved for use in the automotive sector for the very first time - these are just some of the exciting custom solutions available to Ferrari customers. And to keep things fresh, these are subject to constant change and renewal, always pushing the frontiers of innovation.

70 style icons

As part of the numerous initiatives to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Prancing Horse, the Tailor Made experience has enabled Ferrari to provide a modern take on some of the most distinctive features that have characterised seventy of the most beautiful Ferraris in history, breathing life into as many unique "outfits". Seventy exclusive liveries - each of which can only be used once for each of the cars in the range - serve to marry past and future, creating the icons of tomorrow. Each of the cars is easy to distinguish thanks to the exclusive 70th anniversary celebratory logo and an identification plate that bears the name of the model that inspired it.

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